When It Comes To Stoves, Should You Gas It Up?

Gas vs. Electric is a constant debate for many things within the household. There are various household appliances that you get to make a choice between the two. Today we discuss the stove. Sometimes the center of the kitchen, there are details swaying our opinions both ways.


Cleanliness. What kind of cleaner are you? Do you like to wipe and go? Or are you the type that digs in deep? The ease of cleaning can be a factor when deciding between a gas or electric stoves. Electric stoves can be sleek and shiny, adding an element of design to kitchens that are on display. Cleaning electric stoves is easily accomplished with specialty glass stop stove mix, swipe and glow. Gas stoves require more of a commitment, there are more moving parts in a gas stove. Not un-easy, once deconstructed, the gleaming end product can one again be achieved with a tiny more elbow grease. Consider your schedule, your commitment to clean, this can add in a pro or con in the decision between the two.


Cooking habits. Are you more Gordon Ramsey? Or are you more Chef Boyardee? How much time do you spend bent over your stove? Gas stoves are overwhelmingly praised as top contenders for home foodies. People who are creating at home masterpieces that Julia Child’s would be proud, tend to lean towards the capability of the gas stoves. Heating is more even, easier to control and there is no “cooling down” period once the flame turns off. Gas stoves heat the element and it lingers, sometimes resulting in disasters like melted plastic spoons left behind. Consider this aspect when choosing your home appliance.


Budget. What is your price point? Here the stoves can both have pluses and minuses. The upfront cost of a gas stove might put you back a few more coins than an electric. But the cost over time of an electric will eventually catch up and outrun the bill of the gas. The cost of the difference? Anywhere from 10-30%! That can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. This could truly be the biggest and most important factor when figuring out your stove of choice.


A stove is a well used appliance and a constant in most homes. When buying a stove, this is a decision that will last well over a decade. If you have control of choice, take these details into account, discuss and sleep on all of them, you will wake up with the correct choice for you in the long run.