What Does Energy Deregulation Mean For You?

By January 11, 2019Natural Gas

Paying for energy is part of adult life, just like paying your taxes and filling the gas tank. You might be in the category of people who simply choose a company out of convenience, or you might be in the group that does their due diligence, researches and finds the best deal available. Whichever you fall into, learning a little more about energy deregulation will benefit your future choices about the industry.

A Brief History of Deregulation

The United States began as an energy regulated country. All power plants, power poles, power lines, etc., were owned by one company that then, in turn, sold energy to the citizens. This was a simpler time, when home energy was new, power companies were few, and the government believed that private companies needed to be regulated for the benefit of society. As the United States grew, so did private industry. This lead to a push for deregulation. Many industries, from airlines to railroads, have now been deregulated to encourage competition between companies, leading to savings for the consumers.

With the Energy Policy Act of 1992, energy monopolies were finally over. Slowly, state by state, the USA started to offer more options to their customers, giving us the freedom to choose. Some states only have deregulated natural gas or vice versa, and some have completely open markets. To find out what your state allows, a quick search on Electric Choice will tell you what you need to know. Here in our state, Georgia, we have a deregulated market.

Georgia’s Deregulated Market

Now how does this help you, the customer? In a deregulated market, companies need to compete for their customers. Competing companies means better savings and more money in your pocket. Take your time to learn who the suppliers are, compare their natural gas rates and options (fixed or variable rates), and then choose your energy provider.  There are plenty of deals on the market that can help you be a savvy saver. On the Kratos Gas & Power website there is an easy to use savings calculator. This will show you almost instantly what you can save yearly when switching to Kratos natural gas.

Deregulation sounds like a confusing concept, but it doesn’t have to be. This policy ultimately works for you, not against you. Use it to your advantage in these winter months, and start your 2019 off in a profitable, more informed direction.