Unclutter Your Inbox

By January 23, 2019Helpful Life Hacks

We know the feeling, glancing at our phone, expecting to see a fun text or snapchat notification, but instead, it’s a dreaded email! Not even during working hours! It feels like every minute the emails multiply like rabbits left alone on a grassy knoll. The task of cleaning and decluttering your email inbox may feel like an insurmountable task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these easy tips and be on your way to a succinct, digestible inbox in no time.


Unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe. We’ve all done it, signed up for a website we didn’t really like, simply for the deal of the day. Then week after week we are tempted with the recurring MEGA sales, while it chokes our productivity and wallets. The quickest and most rewarding way to make a dent in your inbox is by scrolling to the bottom of these emails and clicking the hard to find “unsubscribe” button. We promise you won’t even miss ‘em.


Silence the noise.Turn off email notifications from social media platforms. You already check social media when and where you want to. You don’t need reminders clogging your inbox, telling you about who said what when you are trying to work in peace. These are unnecessary traps trying to drag you into various platforms.


Consolidate. Do you have multiple email accounts? One for fun, for work, and one for spam? Send all of these emails to one place with Microsoft Office or Gmail. Decide which account you would like to be your master, and forward your emails from all other accounts to it. This way you aren’t having to account jump, losing motivation with each read and delete.


Be ageist. Sort your emails by date, start with the oldest. Any email older than 5 years needs to go. Consider why you are holding on to the email. Perhaps they are old flight or hotel conformations, maybe once important files. In reality, when have you even glanced or looked for these emails? These can be disposed of once and for all.


Hit the snooze button. A new app called “Quiet” will allow you to feel freedom on the weekends by muting your emails (work, personal, or both). Installing will give you a peace of mind that truly allows you to unplug. The saying out of sight out of mind really comes into play. Time away from work expectations makes a better, happier worker on Mondays.


An overflowing inbox can throw off your everyday routine and ruin your productivity. Take these simple suggestions and create a workspace without roadblocks.