The Bath Vs. Shower Debate

Ever wondered if taking a long soak was eating into your energy bill? Or if standing in a hot shower, singing the entirety of an album was really to blame for the increase on your statement? Today we settle the debate, and you will be able to make an informed choice between lying down or standing for your next water session.

There are two main factors when it comes to debating showers vs baths: the length of time you usually take to wash and the temperature in which you do so.

Are you the type of person who loves to take cold showers after a workout? Do you live in a tropical climate where heating your water is unnecessary? If so, a shower should be your go-to bathing activity to save money. If you are someone who enjoys temperature that would scald normal skin and you relish in the fantastic acoustics of your bathroom, perhaps a bath should be your nighttime routine.

Typically, a shower will use around 25 gallons of water, heating this water runs around 1-2 cents per gallon. A “typical” 10 minute shower will cost you 25-50 cents. Now a bath uses around 40 gallons of water, and at the same heating cost, will run you about 40-80 cents on your energy bill. These quarters may not seem like much, but consider your bathing habits. How often are you showering/bathing? Multiply that per week, add them into a month to see your rough cost per year. Every small change can help with household expenses and also with cutting back on water waste in the United States. Some households with families of four or more could see a savings of 50-100 dollars a year. Not too shabby for switching such a small habit.


Energy savings are always on the minds of frugal individuals, but cutting back never has to be drastic or uncomfortable. Being realistic with your goals, making small tweaks where you can, creates a household of awareness and of savings. Be your change today, and make tomorrow better.