5 Quick Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air, and if you’re like a lot of us, you’re feeling the itch to get your home ready for the season. Before you jump into action, see our tips for tackling your spring cleaning woes and setting up the right game plan to get the job done quickly and most effectively. 

1. Prioritize 


Make a list of the areas in your home that need the least amount of work and end the list with areas that need the most amount of work. To set a good momentum early, begin at the top of the list and work your way down towards the rooms in your home that need extra special TLC. And, because you’ll complete the items at the top faster, it will encourage you to follow through with those last remaining rooms. 


2. Make it a family affair


Not only will getting the family involved make your job easier and faster, but getting the kids involved can help teach them responsibility and give them a sense of contributing to the home. In fact, research shows that kids who had chores were more likely to be happy and independent adults later in life. You can even make it fun by putting on some music and singing away on that broom-mic as you dust and sweep!


3. Go green for spring 


If you or someone in your family has allergies or sensitivity to cleaning products with chemicals, opt for using white vinegar, baking soda and water. These three, tried-and-true cleaning ingredients have gotten the job done effectively for ages and they’re likely already somewhere in your kitchen. Vinegar is effective at removing mineral deposit, soap scum, dirt, grease and grime because of its high acidity. Alternatively, baking soda can be used to demolish odors and stains on clothes and in the kitchen. 


4. Make cleaning a family habit 


Get a head start on next year by forming a habit of spot cleaning once or twice a week. There’s also a 2-minute rule some people use for themselves: If it takes less than 2 minutes to clean or do, just do it right then so you don’t have to worry about it later. When you postpone cleaning even the smallest of messes, it can quickly add up and become an overwhelming project for next season. Remember, forming a new habit takes time so be patient with yourself but also set reminders every couple of days to help yourself get back in gear. 


5. Get organized and de-clutter 


Particular areas for decluttering and organizing may include drawers, closets and the garage. Go through each one and decide whether to keep an item, donate it or throw it away. Then, make it a point to try a new habit where any time you bring something new into your home, get rid of something else. This avoids building up new clutter and forces you to be decisive about what items you bring into your home. 


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be intimidating. These are some practical tips to help you get in the frame of mind and there are plenty of specific spring cleaning lists online to help get you started. 


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