Simple Summer Saving Tips

Easy Saving Tips for Summer

Summertime in Georgia means higher temperatures and higher bills. You blast the AC, you sit in front of the fan, take cold showers, and indulge in ice-cold drinks. You do whatever it takes just to keep the sweat and heat fatigue at bay. Unfortunately your wallet is suffering for all this summertime comfort. Gone are the days of spring, when you could open the windows and fall asleep to the cool breeze and autumn is still too far in the distance to consider natural options just yet. Keep reading to learn how to save money for all the fun things summer has to offer.

Summertime doesn’t have to blow your budget when it comes to electricity bills. There are plenty of ways to keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank. Programming your thermostat is your best, and most effective option. If you’re one of those people that only touch the thermostat whenever you’re uncomfortable, two degrees warmer here, five colder at night, etc., you are not letting this technology do the work its able to do. Thermostats can be programmed to your liking in only minutes with simple instructions. Consider your daily routine, what time do you go to bed? Wake up? Leave for work? Get home? These times are what you need to create the perfect cooling schedule for your home. Turn your temps up when you rise and when you leave. Turn them down when you clock out and when you slumber. Variation of temperatures can be within five degrees and you will notice up to a  30% decrease in your bill this summer. This is how you live your best life in the future.


Consider blackout curtains. These curtains can be a bill-saver in homes without natural shading. That natural light is beautiful and a natural alarm clock, but starts to cook your home like a baked potato in the summers. Blackout curtains are able to keep rooms cooler by up to 24%! With plenty of color options to match any decorating theme, these are practical and functional for every home.


Summer is that season to get outside. Bodies of water, beaches, anything that helps soak up that Vitamin D. So why not cook outside? This is not a new concept, before homes came equipped to weather the elements, homesteaders cooked outside in the summer to keep the home as comfortable as possible. The residual heat from ovens, stovetops, and other kitchen appliances can linger in your home for hours after the meal, causing your AC unit to work overtime. Invest in a grill, take your food outside and get creative. Anything can be prepared on a grill, even dessert! A delicious slice of grilled watermelon with honey and mint will change your life.


We dream of summer all year, so take advantage. Don’t let the cooling costs of your home get in the way of all the fun you’re planning to have. These small steps can save hundreds of dollars over the course of the season, which means more trips to the ice cream stand, more bathing suits, and less worry on the wallet.