How to Prepare Your Home For Spring Break

By February 21, 2019Helpful Life Hacks

Spring break planning has commenced. This winter has dragged us into a sad coma and we are ready to break free, frolic in the sun, wake up with a smile and bare our skin to the world. Have you been researching Spring Break for months, or is the idea is just a recent spark in the back of your mind? Wherever you are on the spectrum, there should be one more addition to the Spring Break 2019 list of to-dos. How do you prepare your home for your vacation? Follow our tips to maximize your home’s safety and minimize your bills while away.


Lower the Temperature

While away set and program your thermostat to around the mid-70’s range, this will keep any indoor plants and candles well taken care of. Your home will be protected in case of any deep freezes or sudden heat waves, keeping the pipes in good shape as well. This temperature will also prevent from running the electric bill too high while you enjoy your time in the sunshine. This would also be an opportune time to install a smart thermostat which you can control while away, we outline several great options here.


Lock Up Your Home

Do you have a home security system? Notify the company before you leave and give them your itinerary.  Do you trust your neighbors? Make sure they know your plans as well. In the same vein, make sure you don’t share your plans with too many people. It will be tempting to shout it from the rooftops that you are escaping the frozen prison of dreary weather, but you want to be selective when it comes to those who know your detailed plans.


When you unplug from life, don’t forget to unplug from the wall as well. Phantom energy can haunt the hallways of your house, siphoning cents from you while you’re gone. Unplug lamps, TVs, and small appliances like the coffee maker or toaster. This will save you a bit of cash, and when re-plugging, wait till you actually use those electronics. This might be an eye-opening exercise in what items might be better off unplugged most of the time.


Pass on the Packages

Try to plan your deliveries while you are away. Any recurring packages? Delay them until you return. Any amazon orders on the horizon? Send them to an Amazon Locker instead. Also, consider asking those trustworthy neighbors to help you out. Packages on a doorsteps are like candy for thieves. Not only does it make your property noticeable, but, if they build up, it is also a clear signal no one is home.


These few tips are a great way to easily help your home while you enjoy your time in the sun. Not worrying about your home is a great way to fully relax while on spring break. We here at Kratos hope you have a wonderful week!