Avoid The Phantom (Energy) Menace

By November 18, 2019Money Saving Tips, Save Energy

It’s only allowed in if you invite it inside. It comes from your outlets. When you least expect it, it lunges at your wallet! Phantom energy acts fast, before you have time to react it takes a 10% bite out of your spending on energy. It’s only then that you realized that you’ve got a vampire on your hands. More commonly this issue is referred to as phantom energy. Fortunately, you can get rid of this monster quickly and easily. But first, we need to figure out how you invited it in so you can take care not to use phantom energy ever again.

Unplug When You Can

Plugging things in and out can be a hassle to remember; especially if you have multiple things plugged in in multiple rooms. But it’s through these devices that you’re inviting the phantom in. Phantom energy comes in through your unused television, and idle things like a microwave or cell phone chargers with no phone attached to them, your coffee maker, and your home office setup – think printer and computer. With power strips, you can plug in multiple devices all at once, and instead of unplugging each individual device, you flip a switch and bye-bye energy vampire! Powers strips will cut the flow of energy from your devices the second it’s turned off. 

Upgrade If You Can

Energy star appliances are an excellent way to reduce phantom energy. Old clothes washers and dryers can use up to 50% more energy than their newer counterparts. In addition to saving energy, they also save money by often using less soap and cold water. Energy star appliances are definitely an investment in your household but these items will eventually pay for themselves in the savings alone.

Screensavers Are Not Energy Savers

With computers and TVs alike, we might think that sleep mode or screensavers will do the trick when it comes to phantom energy. This is not the case. When the time comes to power down, really do so. Completely off is the only way to stay away from the grips of phantom energy. This will also prolong the life of your appliances. Heat can be a killer for electronics and turning them off when not in use will greatly extend their battery life.

10% of an energy bill may seem small, but it adds up after a while. Remember too, the more devices you plug in that percentage could jump to 15%. It’s time to put the stake in your energy waste and stop letting the energy vampire nibble at your pockets.

Still suspect you you missed a vampire or two? Check out energy.gov for more energy saving tips.