Pet Safety For The 4th

July 4th is a day of celebration. We barbecue, celebrate with friends, partake in the many activities that we associate with this joyous day. Fireworks are the pièce de résistance, capping off our night with a light show likely not seen the rest of the year. For us, fireworks are beautiful and dazzling. For our pets, they are dangerous and frightening. Learn how to keep your pets safe this holiday.


Preparation Is Key

Unfortunately, July 5th is one of the busiest days for animal shelters across the United States. Before the night of 4th of July, make sure your pets are properly tagged. This means making sure your microchips are up-to-date and you have a correct, secure pet tag on every animal. Take a few head-on pictures of your pet, including any special markings they might have, in case you have to must create lost flyers. Have puppy pads and litter boxes on hand in case your animal gets spooked. Every animal should be an indoor one, when the light show starts.


Keep The Treats For The Humans

Even if you do partake in some off diet celebrating, make sure that your pets do not join in with you. giving them bits of human food, including anything off the grill or liquid libations, will result in an upset stomach. No one wants to spend their long weekend in a vet’s office. Keep food covered, high up, and out of reach to keep your pets safe.


The Day After

For your post party clean up, make sure that you look around your yard for any used fireworks. Sparkler sticks, leftover debris, and even Ash can end up in your pets stomach. Bring an extra bag on your morning walk to pick up any trash you see. you’ll be doing yourself, your pet, and the neighborhood of favor. 


Fourth of July can be fun and safe for everyone in your family. Taking a few extra precautions, as well as being vigilant the day after will ensure that your long weekend will be a fun one. It does not take much to keep pets safe! We at Kratos Gas & Power wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!