Fun and Local Oktoberfest Events

By October 11, 2019Seasonal Events

Did you know that Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated in the month of September? An important part of Bravarian culture, this festival has been ongoing since the early 1800’s. With beer, pretzels, and several thousands of friends; this tradition has crossed the United States border into a city near you. Several activities take place this weekend and often throughout October. Here are a few Oktoberfest events we suggest.


Helen, GA


In Helen, the longest running Oktoberfest event in the United States has got something for everyone. Open until October 27th, thousands of visitors from plenty of cities come to partake in festivities. A giant hall has room for eating, drinking and dancing galore. Traditional German bands play; allowing you to polka in style. They are open everyday of the week, Saturday has the longest hours. They promote “Fun for all ages” so kids are welcome, ages 6 and under are free of charge. Check out their website here for more info. 




This Oktoberfest celebration is held in Rock City, GA. A mostly outdoor event, there are plenty of activities that will bring joy to any age. In the mood for dancing? They offer traditional Polka dance lessons with celebrated dancers. Want some fresh air? Enjoy guided, historic walking tours around the Rock City Gardens. With mimes, fairies, and pumpkin painting little ones will be entertained for hours while you enjoy specialty beer. Open on the weekends through the 27th, check out ticket information here


Atlanta, GA


This is the weekend for the ATL’s big Oktoberfest celebration. Held in the Fourth Ward, on the 11th and 12th, this Oktoberfest will have beer, brats and competitions! Stein holding, braut toss, annd keg rolling are all on the agenda for the weekend. Do you have what it takes to be the champ of Oktoberfest? Along with food trucks and live music this Oktoberfest event will be sure to bring the laughs. Check out their ticket pricing here.


This month the outdoor activities are a plenty, try to enjoy as much as possible as safely as possible. Whether celebrating in a crowd or toasting to tradition in the comfort of your own home, please do so responsibly. This eager group of scooter enthusiasts learned the hard way; do not operate motor vehicles under the influence! From Kratos Gas & Power we wish you a wonderful weekend of fun.