Save Money On Laundry Day

Laundry day, perhaps a day that will make you sigh with sadness or maybe you’re part of the 1%. This repetitive chore is an unavoidable part of adulthood; but is there a way to work smarter and not harder? Do you separate your whites and darks? Do you know which setting to run your washer on? Cold or hot? We will break down what you need to know to save money on laundry day and time while cleaning your clothes.


Cold or Hot


Washing clothes in hot water has traditionally been the go-to move for decades, but gallons of hot water can be a huge energy and money waste. Recently companies have unveiled new detergents that can clean clothes just as well in cold water as in hot. Test out a bottle and notice the difference on your utility bill.


Sort It Out


Sorting laundry might seem like adding insult to injury; why should you make yourself work more when tackling this chore? Sorting the laundry can actually preserve your clothing in the long run and save you money in the dryer. For example, if you wash and dry towels together you can shorten the dry time and reduce the risk of towels agitating or pilling delicate items. A general rule of thumb is to sort by color; whites, lights, and darks. And then sort by fabric; delicates, towels, jeans, and others. Shorten your sorting session by having separate hampers to throw dirty laundry in, a presort if you will.


Fill ‘er up


An easy way to keep laundry costs down is to wait until you have a full load. With a top loading washer, the drum should be about ¾ of the way full. A front loading washer should still have a few rows of holes visible. By filling your washer correctly, your clothing has room to agitate and mix with the detergent, getting cleaner, faster.


Measure twice, wash once


Most laundry users load their wash with twice the recommended amount of soap! What a waste! Be sure to read the recommended amount for your washing system. The traditional thought could be, the sudiser the load the cleaner the clothes. This, is surprisingly, untrue. The churning of the clothes is the most important part of the cleaning cycle. Additionally, too much soap could lead to unhygienic buildup in folds of clothing, like under collars or sleeves. 


Make the Switch


Washing machines usually have a lifespan of about 14 years. How old is yours? If you are still using a machine that has been inherited or donated, you should consider upgrading to a new device. High efficiency (HE) machines use less energy and water, which will save you time and money while doing laundry. HE washers have a greater capability to clean clothing, using less detergent for the same results. High efficiency washers save, on average, 15-30 gallons water per wash. Over the course of the week, that is equivalent to almost an entire hot tub worth of water!


A few small, and one large, ways to help you save money every month on your utility bill. If you want to be a true laundry guru, check out our three top tips for dryer health.  Kratos Gas & Power can also help to save you money. Our savings calculator can illuminate how much you are overpaying for natural gas service. Check out what you can keep in your pocket, every month.