How to Have an Energy Efficient House

By November 5, 2018Save Energy
3 easy tips on how to have an energy efficient house

Climate in Georgia can range anywhere from temperate to hot and humid, then, all of a sudden, it’s actually winter. This unpredictable range can make it hard to find that happy medium between too hot and too cold. Before you know it, a high gas bill can creep up on you once again. But, no worries, a few simple changes around your house or apartment can make a world of difference.


A/C Settings

Setting your air conditioner to run as high as you can stand during the summer months could put you on the way to saving. In fact, setting the temperature to 78 as opposed to 72 could be your ticket to saving an upwards of 6% to 18% overall on bills. Instead, turn on your fan. Having a fan will help get any stagnant air in the room to move making the room feel much cooler during the summer months.


Feng Shui

Here’s something that’s probably never crossed your mind before: when arranging your home, think twice about where you put things that will give off heat like your televisions, cable boxes, etc. Why? Because placing them near your thermostats could be causing it to run longer. Your thermostat will pick up the heat, not the source and read the room as being warmer than the sent temperature. The farther away your thermostat is from appliances that give off heat in your home, the more you’ll save.


Yard Work

Strategically planted vegetation could literally save you hundreds annually. While there is some cost associated landscaping up front, according to, it will pay for for itself after 8 years; it’s an investment. What are the benefits of investing in your yard? A well placed tree can keep your home up to 6 degrees cooler in the summer months. This can reduce the cost of running your air conditioner by 15-50%. Also, in the autumn and winter, when all the leaves have fallen off, you now have the sun to shine through and help warm the room.

So why not try changing up your yard this coming spring? The best way to start saving money on your gas bill is to get a head start. You can start planning your garden and making preparations now. When spring rolls back around, plants will be on sale, and your yard could be the talk of the town, maybe even encourage your neighbors to engage in a little friendly competition. Spring is also big clean up time indoors, this could be time to see if your home is arranged in way that will save you money. Plus, when summer comes, think of that soothing breeze. You’ll be able to smell the savings on your gas bill.