How To Cut Energy Costs In Winter

We dread the winter for many reasons, we barely see the sun, the snow and salt ruin our cars, we can’t leave the house without a minimum of 5 layers, and we have to pay the dreaded heating bill. We coast along all summer, happy about our double digit bill, and then winter hits, hard and you’re now searching for ways to cut back. You have come to the right place, we’ll give you tips to keep yourself cozy this winter without going broke in the process.


Use the sun to your advantage. The sun is our natural space heater, and works wonders on your mood. Although it might feel like finding a four-leaf clover, whenever you see the sun, open up your curtains. The rays will pour in, flooding your house with Vitamin D and precious heat. As soon as the sun sets, make sure to close up your curtains to preserve the warmth you have built up.


Have you ever heard that leaving your heat on all day is cheaper than turning it off when you leave and on when you return? This is a total myth. You can save every day by adjusting your heat setting five to ten degrees cooler when you leave. Ideally, you can set your thermostat timer to automatically make the switch for you. Set it to gradually warm on your commute home and you’ll be welcomed in out of the cold to your comfortable dwelling.


Wash your clothes and dishes in cold water. Your water heater is already working overtime to give you those boiling hot showers and baths that we need to unfreeze, so give it a rest by washing the inanimate objects in cold water. Most clothes even tend to do better, last longer, and retain their colors when washing in cold water. Check your laundry detergent settings, sometimes you’ll have to buy different soap that performs well in the cooler temperature.  


Live with your father. Dad’s tend to be notorious for having a tight grip over the settings of the household temperature, so have him stand by, wrenching the dial back down! This is mostly a joke, but some of us will do whatever it takes to stay on budget!


Winter has come and isn’t going anywhere fast, so buckle in, follow these tips, and stay warm this winter!