Cool Off With A Gas Powered Air Conditioner

Have you ever heard of a gas powered air conditioner? We hadn’t either. One generally tends to think of gas as hot, heating your fireplace or stove with natural fuel. This technology of gas powered A/C units is not new, it dates back to the 1930’s when most units were run on gas. Not till the 70’s did electric units start to rise in popularity. Gas powered appliances are now on the radar with customers looking for alternative ways to lower monthly bills. Read on to learn about an underutilized appliance that could be perfect for your home.

Pay now, save later

The gas powered air conditioner units tend to cost more than their electric counterparts when first purchasing. While this might make some step back from buying one, think of the long term savings possible. Air conditioning units are appraised on their efficiency with a rating called Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER number, the less energy that unit requires to run. For a household, this equals savings every month. The recommended SEER rating for 2019 is 14 and higher. Some gas powered units can run with an efficiency of up to 27! That is more bang for your buck. The savings don’t stop there, rebates are offered to offset the cost of purchase and install for gas powered A/C units as well.

One unit, two uses

When installing a gas powered air conditioner you are combining the tasks of heating and cooling to one unit. When setting a thermostat, the dweller decides the range of temperatures that are comfortable for them. As soon as the temperature dips or climbs above or below this range, the unit will kick into gear. Cooling actually starts with a gas, freon. Freon is cold gas that cools the hot air. A/C does not blast cold air into the atmosphere, as many people think, but it works by removing the hot air and circulating it. These units are sturdily built and tend to last for years longer than its electrical counterparts. Gas units also have a low maintenance appeal to buyers, requiring fewer tuneups and visits to keep your house a comfortable, cool temperature.

Cleaner, for you and the planet

Did you know that natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels we can use? The by-product of burning natural gas is only carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are the same by-products of a human exhale. That should make you breathe a little easier as well. Natural gas is also an excellent stepping stone in-between using fossil fuels and 100% renewable energy. Using gas in the household is a smart move for finances, considering there is a considerable resource of natural gas, right here in the United States. This equals lower import costs and cheaper overall household bill prices. Imagine if all your family’s appliances ran on gas, you could be saving $1000’s a year! Learn more about how gas stoves could save you money here.

Gas powered air-conditioners may not be the most popular option for cooling your home, but it shouldn’t be ruled out completely. Pricing these units and considering alternative machines could be beneficial for your household budget in the long run. Lowering energy costs and lessening energy usage is something that each family can do better at, year after year.