Considering A Gas Fireplace? Read This First.

Fire has fascinated man since the dawn of time. One of the main differences between us and the animals, also opposable thumbs, our ability to harness the power of fire has shaped society. Flames have powered engines and lit street lamps, pushing humans to the technical age. Nowadays, we have retired the flaming stick, and use the handy fireplace instead. A roaring fire can be cozy during the winter and even a cooler summer night is made better with marshmallows roasting on the fire. When it comes to fireplaces’ which do you choose? Gas or logs? Consider these facts when choosing for your home.


Clean Smarter, Not Harder

When it comes to an in-home fire, one must consider the level of dirt that might accumulate from your indoor activity. With real logs, cinders fly, ashes settle in every nook and cranny. There is a constant need for emptying out old remnants of the fire, making sure that black soot doesn’t wipe off on any pristine surfaces. Gas tends to have much less upkeep, cleaning the ceramic logs as well as wiping down the glass screen will take considerably less time than deep scrubbing an ashy pile.

The Price Is Right

Although slight, the cost of a fireplace can come into play when deciding between the two. Your gas bill will be affected, the average cost of running the fireplace is around 17 cents an hour. Meanwhile, the cost of wood varies, ranging anywhere from free to around five dollars for a bundle. Every fire would require around one-two bundles depending on how long the event lasts. This adds up to a gas fireplace being the clear winner in the budget round.

Go Easy

For those of us who are outdoor skills challenged, a gas fireplace may be the most intriguing option. A gas fireplace only requires a simple turn of a handle or push of a button. Instantly, the ambiance will be set. Those who are nostalgic, and have previous fire-building training, lean towards the ritual, gathering kindling, slowly perfecting the fire’s blaze and reach. Consider what you’ll be using the fireplace for most, a background piece or the star of the show? At the end of the night, a wood fireplace requires more attention, making sure that the embers are fully out. A gas fireplace is a simple turn off, cooling safely till the next use.


A fireplace can be a staple in many generations of families, providing good memories and warm nights. When deciding between a wood-burning and gas fireplace, be honest with yourself, what are you capable of handling. While a wood-burning stove creates the smell, feel, and look of many childhood experiences, a gas fireplace may be more practical in your current situation. WIth either choice, make sure you prepare yourself with all proper inspections, safety precautions, and correct tools before lighting your first fire.