Filing Taxes With Ease

The dreaded day is upon us. The process of filing taxes comes every year. It seemingly sneaks up on all hardworking folks, those too busy making the money to remember they have to give some away to the government. No matter if you have been prepared for April 15th since last year, or you are considering moving to Maine because their tax day is two days later, we have tips to help set your mind at ease for the most tedious task you’ll face while “adulting”.

Check twice, file once.

Make sure that you have all your documents when you sit down to file. Now that most people, 90 percent, e-file their taxes, the process has become simpler than ever before. Several companies even offer apps! E-filing makes for quicker returns, straight to your bank account! Make sure that you are filing with a reputable service with a secure connection.  You want the process to be smooth, and if you forget a document, you’ll have to file an amendment, which you cannot do via the internet. So check twice, file once.

When in doubt, ask it out.

Does something seem off with your taxes? Are you sure you can take that deduction? Do you have a special situation that you think should be noted? Then ask a professional. Turbo Tax, Jackson Hewitt, H&R Block all have offices across the United States with extended hours, chat with expert options, and often offer discount deals in this hot season. Every year can bring new challenges, buying a house, getting married, moving, these are all situations that bring a new box to check while filling out taxes. For the first half of adulthood, your taxes may stay a hazy mystery, so utilize help when and where you can.

If not today, delay.

Is your work plate as full as Thanksgiving Dinner? File an extension. Nearly 13 million people a year file extensions. If you think you are not prepared, or need true professional help, do not rush your taxes. Filing an extension electronically only takes a fraction of the time you would have dedicated to your taxes, and gives you another six months to get everything together. This will help you breathe easier while you gather all the important documents that you need to file confidently.


Filing taxes is simply a task that needs handling for all income earning adults. Think of this process as less of a chore that should be ignored and more sign that you are a capable, responsible adult getting that bread. For any further questions, check out the official IRS page for how to file your 2019 taxes.