Preparing Your Home For Fall

By September 26, 2019Helpful Life Hacks

What does fall bring to mind for most? Colors changing on the trees, chunky knit sweaters, perhaps even the tailgating joys of rooting for your football team! While this season is great for many reasons, it also signals the ever closer season of winter. Unfortunately, several chores are on the agenda when preparing your home for fall. To insure you’ve created a successful honey-do list; follow our simple tips below.


Clean Out The Gutters

A clogged cutter can spell catastrophe for winter months. If left uncleaned, gutters can channel water to the sides of your home, causing damage to the foundation and potentially flooding the basement. A leaf blower attachment can easily accomplish this task or seasoned professionals can also help tremendously. 


Insulate Your Windows

When preparing your home for fall, you are truly prepping for winter. An easy way to save money this cold season, is by doubling down on insulation. From extra thick rubber seals to draft snakes, there are plenty of options for all different budgets. This comprehensive list helps to break down what will work for your house and family. Another great way to save money on utility bills is with Kratos Gas & Power; we offer consistently low natural gas rates that will shave money from your monthly payments. Use our savings calculator to learn how much you can keep every month!


HVAC Inspection

When preparing your home for fall, professionals can make all the difference. One task that cannot be accomplished by homeowners themselves is a proper maintenance check of your HVAC system. HVAC, (short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), is the most important tool to your home comfort. Keeping this in tip-top shape will insure that you have no unwelcome surprises this winter. Most professionals recommend bi-yearly inspection routine. Make sure you schedule yours before the first freeze.


Fall should be a season filled with fun. With holidays and activities plenty, Autumn is a wonderful season. Keep the season joyous by preparing your home for fall in a timely and informed manner. Continue to check in with the Kratos blog for more helpful tips throughout the year.