Don’t Let A Dryer Derail Your Savings

By February 11, 2019Money Saving Tips

Are you a laundry guru? You separate your whites from darks, you can read the hieroglyphics on tiny tags, and never a red sock has turned your world upside down. But are you a laundry, energy guru? Do you know where your dollars are going when you turn on the spin cycle? Do you find yourself drying clothing multiple times, unsure of what is going wrong in that machine? We are here to help! Our tips will help you save money and time with your dryer.

Clear Dryer Lint

Is your lint building up? Always check the lint cache to make sure that there isn’t a pileup preventing proper airflow. Along with simply swiping away the leftover lint, try scrubbing and cleaning the filter once a month with a toothbrush. This will help get rid of dryer sheet residue that can prevent proper airflow.

Try a Heat Pump Dryer or Gas Dryer

These appliances can drastically reduce your energy costs with a bit of up front investments. A gas dryer doesn’t need an actual gas line and can be cheaper for larger families who do multiple loads of laundry in one day. A heat pump dryer uses air in your home, heats it, and circulates said air through the machine. This can actually drop your energy bill up to 60%!

Ball It Up

Dryer balls can quicken and shorten dryer cycles. Both wool and rubber balls work well in your dryer. Rubber will help separate fabrics, allowing air to flow freely in between. Wool helps to soak up moisture, and both help to reduce static cling without using dryer sheets. Both options also come cheap and last for years, paying for themselves in under a month.  


Simple changes can reap big rewards when it comes to drying clothes, follow our tips and watch your energy bill decrease month to month!