5 Best Places to Travel on a Budget in 2020

By February 20, 2020Money Saving Tips

It’s tax return time! Which means a lot of people are beginning to plan annual vacations or big family trips. Before deciding on the location for your next big excursion, consider one of these following ten countries for your next ideal vacation destination. You’ll find that you can easily travel to some exotic and exciting places, even while on a budget.



Tourists can expect to spend an average of just $30 a day in Bolivian cities like Uyuni where they can expect adventure and a savory taste of authentic South American culture. You can expect accommodations, food and transportation to be pretty affordable as long as you’re also willing to do some walking. Points of interest include Salt Flats, Laguna Colorada and the Cemeterio de Trenes. If you’re not terribly excited about visiting Uyuni for some reason but still want to experience Bolivia and its unique culture, other comparable budget-friendly cities are La Paz and Sucre.



For two people, accommodations can cost as low as $20 a night. If you’re traveling on your own, staying in dorms or shared rooms can get you through at around $40 a day for transportation, food and accommodations though for those looking to stay in B&Bs or budget hotels, $50 to $60 a day is typical. Considered a very safe backpacking destination, Morocco is in close proximity to Europe so stopping by a European country along your travels is quite feasible even on a budget. Points of interest in Morocco include Chefchaouen and Fes el Bali.



Of the more affordable cities in Cambodia, Sihanoukville and Banlung are a couple of the most notable. However, Cambodia as a whole is known for being one of the most affordable countries in the world to visit. It’s possible for costs to be as low as $30 a day per person while on vacation here, even if you choose not to stay in hostels or dorms. Decent rooms with private bathrooms can be found for just $15 a night. Food is really cheap, costing as low as between $2 and $6 for a meal whether in a sit-down place or if you decide to be adventurous and try some of the street food.



Although the off-season (and cheaper airfare prices) are typically between January and March, tourists can already get some really great bargains with the vast amount of budget-friendly lodging and dining options available in Portugal. If you can skip the taxis to walk instead, don’t take advantage of the bread and olives offered at restaurants (which aren’t free) and stay at family-run inns during your stay, you’re on track to saving big. Some of the more affordable cities to lodge in include Faro, Porto and Lagos.



One of the tricks to staying within budget for a holiday in Thailand is to stay away from the popular beaches and opt to lodge somewhere in the northern part of the country. Some of the cheaper cities to visit are Banglamphu, Silom and Phayathai all located within the Chiang Mai region. There are a number of affordable lodging options such as the Sirwan House, Rainforest Boutique Hotel and the Anoma Boutique House. Points of interest are Aree in Bangkok, the ruined capital of Sukhothai and Pai.


Honorable Mentions:


Bulgaria – One of the more affordable countries to visit in Europe, Bulgaria boasts beautiful beaches, a rich history, priceless art, outdoor activities like skiing and has a thriving nightlife. Experience all that this country has to offer at your own pace and at a comparatively low price to other countries in the region.

Greece – The Greek islands are a fabulous getaway destination. If you’re looking to experience Greek culture and enjoy your surroundings, it’s not recommended to go during the high season which is between July and August. Indulge in local food, rent a moped and trek your own path to avoid pricey tourist packages. Also, stay away from Mykonos – while it’s a very popular destination, the food tends to be pretty expensive.

Jamaica – Negril, Kingston and Montego Bay are all great choices when looking for a cheap but exciting place to vacation in 2020. The locals are super friendly and the food is simply amazing. Travelers can expect the best savings and weather at the same time if they choose to go during late autumn or early winter. Points of interest are YS Falls and Seven Mile Beach.


Everyone has their own definition of traveling on a budget, and a lot of the tips and tricks to saving in one country can also be applied universally to help you get the most out of your trip no matter where you go. These include things like using local transportation and choose to walk as much as you’re willing, choosing to travel during the off-season, seeking last-minute hotel deals, skipping out on alcohol and humbling oneself to seek more communal lodging options. If it’s adventure you’re looking for, any one of these countries would be ideal for a rejuvenating 2020 sojourn.