Who is Captain Kratos?

Captain Kratos recently arrived from Mt. Olympus to help us help you save money.

These are his stories.  *dun dun*

Kratos served on Mt. Olympus under Zeus, king of the gods, as a member of his guard and one of his  top enforcers. He wielded powers of lightning similar to that of the king god, and was considered to one of the most powerful and intelligent.

As captain of the guard, Kratos was sent on a mission to stop Prometheus from stealing fire. After apprehending Prometheus, he hears of his mission to give fire to humanity. This moves Kratos deeply and instead of turning him over, he decides to join forces with Prometheus.

Zeus quickly learns of this betrayal and, regrettably, Kratos has to pay a penance. Zeus strips Kratos of his lightning power, instead giving him the power to wield flames of gas, and banishes him from Mt. Olympus.

Though gone from his home, Kratos can eventually earn his way back. For now though, he’s committed to helping humanity learn more about what they can do with gas and power, how they can conserve energy, and how they can save money (since that seems pretty important to the humans).

Captain Kratos, as his army of gods once referred to him, is just getting started with Kratos Gas & Power. The savings are the first thing on his list!